Ǫgwanǫhgwahtraę:’ Tsęh Niyǫhgwai:ho’dę’ (Traditional Medicine Program)

Ǫgwanǫhgwahtraęz:’ Tsęh Niyǫhgwai:ho’dę: provides services to Six Nations Community Members and their families. We provide community members with access to Hodi:nǫhshǫni: traditional medicines and offer a range of health care choices from community recognized traditional medicine practitioners who specialize in a variety of areas of traditional medicine.


727 3rd Line,

Ohsweken, ON NOA 1M0



Hours of Operation:

Monday–Friday (except Holidays), 8:30 am–4:00 pm

Client Services: By Appointment Only

Services Offered:

We nourish wholistic health and strongly support spiritual health and well-being of our clients and the community through:

  • Traditional Medicines

  • Traditional Teachings

  • Traditional Practices

  • Ceremony

  • Gahsgyaǫ:nyǫk (Encourgement)

We also offer education and outreach to local and regional organizations.

Our Team:

  • Traditional Medicine Helpers

  • Traditional Advisor

  • Traditional Medicine Practitioners (covering many specializations)

  • Program Office Coordinator

Intake/Referral Process:

Individuals can be referred by family doctors, hospitals, service providers or individuals may refer themselves.

The individual MUST consent to the referral.

Client intake is completely voluntary.

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